The stamp printing house celebrates the "feminine engraving" for its fiftieth anniversary in Boulazac.

On 26 June 2020, La Poste issues a block of stamps entitled "La gravure" (Engraving), highlighting the craft of intaglio engraving for women. It is also the occasion to celebrate the opening of the stamp printing plant on 13 June 1970 in Boulazac in the Dordogne 50 years ago.

This souvenir sheet of 6 stamps is created by the engraver Elsa Catelin. It takes up a stamp made in 1984 by the master engraver Albert Decaris (1901-1988). This stamp honored the intaglio engraving of women. In front of the engraver are the tools : die, cushion, plate, burin, dry point, magnifying glass.

Edition of 40,000 copies

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